Terms and conditions when making your purchase online through the website www.carltonjewellery.com, you declare that you accept and know the present terms of use and conditions of sale. The present terms and conditions are agreed between the company Carlton Jewellery (carltonjewellery.com) with the fiscal name of JTS Lda., with tax domicile on Avenida Elysium de Moura, building Vera Cruz Shop 1, 3030-186 Coimbra, Portugal, VAT 509900704, Hereinafter referred to as "Carlton Jewellery" and the individual or legal persons who shop through the Internet site www.carltonjewellery.com, hereinafter called "Customer". The parties agree that their relations will be regulated solely by the present terms and conditions and by the additional information available on the site. In the event of omission of any condition, it shall be deemed to be regulated by the uses and customs in force in the distance selling sector, in accordance with the norms of the ethical code and of the Loyal practices of the AMD Portuguese Direct Marketing Association and other legislation in Force. Registration process to make purchases through the site www.carltonjewellery.com, the customer can make a prior registration. This registration process is completed by completing an online registration form on the site itself. The name, contacts, billing and delivery data will be requested. With the registration the customer should choose a username and a keyword to access the reserved area of the site. At the end of the procedure an e-mail is automatically sent to the customer-designated mailbox, with the confirmation of the registration, usage information and a link to proceed with the final activation of the inscription. After this last step the customer will be able to use the reserved area of the site to shop online, and may at any time change the data previously entered or change their access codes. The data collected in the registration and registration are considered confidential and will be treated by Carlton Jewellery in accordance with the legislation in force and other conditions expressed in the company's privacy policy. At any time the customer will be able to access your data, request corrections or deletion of the database. Order process to start the order process the customer will be able to browse the site and view the different products in catalogue form. These are initially presented by categories, and then an individual product is chosen. In the product page a detailed description, good resolution images and in some cases, other forms of visualization are presented. The products will then be added to a shopping list using the online purchase option: Add to my purchases. Several products may be added to the shopping list before the order is effective. At the end of this choice, the customer must access your shopping list to complete the order process. This will take place in four simple steps: The first must confirm the list of selected articles and confirm the acceptance of the terms and conditions of use; In the next step will be requested for confirmation, the billing data and address for delivery (being possible to set a address for delivery other than the one indicated in the initial registration), you can also write comments or indications about your order; In the next step, the customer must choose their form of payment; In the last step, the data entered and requested the payment action is presented. You will receive a confirmation message from the completion of the process. Liability for errors or breakages of stock to Carlton Jewellery, undertakes to put on-line, only the products that have available for delivery up to 30 days (maximum), and in most cases the delivery will be made in less than one week. However, for issues that are due to the existence of a limited number of parts, there may be specific situations of stock breakage, in which a product apparently available and whose purchase and payment have been made by the customer, does not exist in stock. That is why we put the safeguard of a maximum of 30 days in order to contemplate the situations in which a new piece will need to be manufactured. Carlton Jewellery makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and conformity of the site, reserving the right to freely change its contents, including offers, prices or product characteristics, at any time and without notice. In cases of stock breakage and where it is not possible to deliver up to 30 days, or in cases of error in the information provided, Carlton Jewellery will contact the customer to seek to agree between the parties the best solution, indicating a new delivery time , an alternative article, a credit memo or the return of the amount paid. Carlton Jewellery guarantees in the aforementioned situations the total return of the amount spent by the customer, running the reversal, as quickly as possible and as a rule, by the same means in which the payment was made. The customer may not require from Carlton Jewellery other counterparts, interest or compensatory compensation, in addition to the return referred, in cases of stock breakage (involving delivery timings over 30 days) or by errors in the information Available on the site. Only this acceptance will form the agreement between Carlton Jewellery and the client, and of which these conditions of sale are part. Processing and shipping orders before the order is sent, Carlton Jewellery needs to receive confirmation of its payment. Although it is usually brief, the payment method chosen may vary the approval time. Carlton Jewellery will contact the customer for additional information, only if necessary. For example, this will always be verified that the order is delivered within a period of more than 4 useful days, so that the customer has a specific date for the receipt of the order. Once the payment is confirmed the order will be immediately prepared. All orders are processed immediately and after the order is available, it will be dispatched and sent by carrier. The shipping time is, however, dependent on availability and the type of article. In this sense, the timing of arrival to the destination for parts with immediate delivery availability will be: 1. For Continental national territory: 1 – 2 working days 2. For national territory Islands: up to 4 working days 3. Spain Continental: between 2 to 7 business days 4. Spain Islands: between 2 to 7 working days 5. Germany, Austria; Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, France; Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland: between 2 and 7 working days 6. Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Sweden: between 2 and 7 working days for other parts that do not exist in stock, the timing of arrival to the destination is variable Depending on the article. In all cases where immediate dispatch is not possible, Carlton Jewellery will establish contact with the customer, indicating a planned delivery time. The same is not going to exceed 30 days. Deliveries, shipping and payment methods delivery of orders will be made to the address indicated by the user when the order is made. The sender associated with us will be JTS Lda and not Carlton Jewellery for the sake of security. Together with the order you will follow the receipt and the packaging suitable for the purchased piece. Delivery of orders may be made at home or at another address indicated and will be carried out by carrier, requiring the signature of the proof of delivery document. After delivery, the risks of damage, loss or theft of the items transfer to the customer. Unless otherwise stated on the site, the deliveries are free of charge, running from Carlton Jewellery the costs of packing and carrying the article. Exception for customs tariffs/customs fees of each country (to be), so they will be the responsibility of the customer. For the monitoring of an ongoing order, you can contact the Carlton Jewellery customer service by e-mail (carlton@carltonjewellery.com) or telephone (+ 351 239 790 852), from Monday to Friday from 10am to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 18:30 hours. The means of payment available for sale through the site may be via Visa, Mastercard or bank transfer. However, if contacted in this regard, Carlton Jewellery is willing to combine other forms of payment more appropriate to the customer. Guarantees to Carlton Jewellery guarantees the conformity of the articles marketed with the legal terms. The technical assistance is provided by Carlton Jewellery. All articles have a warranty period of 2 years, covering all manufacturing defects and excluding damage or situations caused by improper or accidental use. Where the articles are covered by the guarantee, Carlton Jewellery assumes the costs of shipping and shipping. After receipt of the articles, if it is found that the damage was caused by improper or accidental use, all shipping and shipment costs will be charged to the customer. This warranty is only valid only in Carlton Jewellery and technical interventions carried out by any other person/entity, void this warranty. The exchange period is 14 days, on condition that the product has not been used. Place of the forum that and accept the parties that any judicial disputes, which have the purpose of the commercial transactions carried out through this site, shall be judged in the competent courts of the district of Coimbra-Portugal.