Carlton Jewellery, the value of a legacy

Carlos Góis was born in a family of Portuguese jewellers from Coimbra, the ancient city in the centre of Portugal that was once the country’s capital during its medieval past.

Since 1991, his universe is closely linked to the fascinating world of jewellery, where the daily contact with this particular world’s realities allowed him a permanent and continuous learning, in a journey that has some of the best experiences, childhood memories and moments of his life.

Early as a teenager, Carlos Góis starts to join his family in fairs and specialized events, dedicated to professionals in the field, setting presence on “great stages” of this industry, living and sharing experiences, and gaining knowledge from the world’s best jewellers.

This unique and sparkling new world gave him a sense of wonder that even nowadays fascinates him, and which was at the foundation of an old dream: to have his own jewellery brand. It was with eyes fixed on this goal that he traced the course of his career.

He studied Economics and started working on a regular basis in the family jewellery and fine jewellery business. His higher education gave him essential analysis and management tools and a vision of the market, as well as his entrepreneurial spirit development.

This natural calling was initially applied in smaller projects, in which he tested concepts and learned some of the most important lessons of life. He had several jobs in his family’s company, evolving from the most basic ones to managing a few shops, to being responsible for Human Resources, sales and marketing departments, and even by the purchasing department.

After 25-year experience in various sectors of the fascinating world of jewellery, he finally feels prepared to fulfil his lifelong dream of creating a unique brand, revisiting the solid Portuguese jewellery tradition and the most inspirational design trends.

Dreams – the poet says – command life.

A life for which Carlos Góis has prepared himself from a very young age, and in which the family legacy is the master key; to them he owes this extraordinary heritage of enchantment that the world of jewellery has always been for him, and which is now called Carlton Jewellery.